Affiliate program support

We present you with the affiliate system that rewards our customers for bringing their friends and new clients to our website. Thanks to this referral system you get 50% commision out of the fees paid by each new customer invited in this manner. Go to your administration page and look for Affiliate tab. There you can find your unique code with which you can invite new members to join our community. If the receiver of the code uses it to sign up to the page within 30 days from receiving it, you will be getting 50% commision out of the receiver's supplements.

For better individual tracking, we are taking advantage of Advanced tracking using tags. You can track the visits and signups that you are getting from multiple traffic sources by adding the tag parameter (&tag) to your referral URL.

For example, to track the visits and signups from Source 1, add &tag=source1 to your referral URL and then promote that URL ( and you will be able to see the signups and visits from that source.

You can create as many tags as you want on the fly and they can be a string of upto 150 characters comprising of small and large case letters and numbers.

You can track individual users' profits for the last 30 days or for the whole period.