What is Coingi?

Coingi.com serves as a platform for individuals interested in buying and selling Bitcoin and other currencies.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. This means that users of a Bitcoin system are able to trade Bitcoin with each other without going through a payment processor such as a bank. Bitcoin is open-source, its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part.

What is Litecoin and the others?

Litecoin and other coins are alternative crypto-currencies based on Bitcoin. Compared to Bitcoin these alternatives differ always in some changes. They differ mostly in a total number of coins or speed and encryption.

Are you selling Bitcoin?

No. We are providing service. You are always buying Bitcoin from another individual who is selling them. All we do is to provide a safe and simple environment to trade. We guarantee that buyers get their Bitcoin and sellers get their money at agreed price.

How does it work?

We take cash deposits on one side and Bitcoin or another currencies deposits on the other side of the trade. Then we allow our customers to exchange their cash for Bitcoin or vice versa.

What do charts show?

Coingi.com uses two charts. One main chart displays the price development of a particular business pair and the second chart below displays the number of traded pairs. We use so called candlesticks to display closing price as well as the opening, lowest and highest price.

Is trading Bitcoin and the usage of coingi.com legal?

Coigi.com is a deposit collector for real money and virtual currencies, so yes. Trading and having an account with Coingi.com is legal. It is your personal responsibility to declare any profit, accumulated by trading with BTC through Coingi.com.

How long does deposit usually take?

A bank wire transfer typically takes 2-5 business days to reach our account. SEPA deposits must go through additional step of converting funds to USD, which can in some cases delay deposit for additional day. International deposits are processed and credited right upon receiving.

Do I have to pay fee for deposit?

Fees are associated with a deposit using dollars and euros. The fees vary according to the service you are using for the deposit. The particular fee is listed for each type of service.

How long does a withdrawal usually take?

A bank wire transfer typically takes 2-5 business days.

Do I have to pay fee for withdrawal?

Yes. A fee is associated with a withdrawal. The value of fee depends on a crypto-currency type and a type of the withdrawal. Individual fees are associated with a particular service that is possible to use for the withdrawal.

Is it safe to use Coingi?

Yes. Our main priority is to keep client's personal data safe and secure. We take great precautions around security of our system and we are constantly monitoring for any suspicious activities.

However we cannot provide security for Bitcoin stored on user's computer, so it is important for you to take additional steps to ensure that your Bitcoin wallet remains protected from other users than yourself.

What is 2-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is a process involving two stages to verify the identity of an entity trying to access services in a computer or in a network. Google was one of the first Internet companies to introduce a two-step verification process. The implementation of the second step requires a mobile phone or the Google Authenticator application.

How to start?

Simply sign up for an account on the Coingi website. It is absolutely free. Once you have created your account you need to place funds into the account using an approved means of deposit and you are ready to begin purchasing and selling Bitcoin on the Coingi website.

Can I use Debit/Credit Cards?

At this time, Congi is currently not accepting any of these payment methods. All transactions carried out on our website are irreversible; therefore use of payment methods that are reversible would be a detrimental venture for us.

What are the fees for using Coingi?

Coingi charges a 0.2% fee on each transaction carried out by users on the website. This fee may be different for each individual account.

What is ASK and BID?

A two-way price quotation indicates the best price at which a security can be sold and bought at a given point in time. The bid price represents the maximum price that a buyer or buyers are willing to pay for a security. The ask price represents the minimum price that a seller or sellers are willing to receive for the security. A trade or transaction occurs when the buyer and seller agree on a price for the security.

If I cancel ASK or BID, do I have to pay the fee?

When you cancel a ASK or BID you do not pay the fee.

What if I make a mistake and accidentally sell for $90 instead of $900?

The system ignores that and automatically buys or sells for the best price offered by others.

How long do I have an offer of ASK and BID active?

ASK and BID are active indefinitely.

What is API?

API allows to other applications or websites an automatic communication with Coingi.com