What makes COINGI service so efficient?

You can trade virtual currencies at many websites, but not every site can provide fast and secure transactions together with the advanced functions of the platform. This is the main reason why we created COINGI service!

The development of the main part of the system is complete, but we are still working on new improvements, that will be implemented step by step. We are working on new functions that will be interesting for the users. We are permanently developing the system, so COINGI can keep on top of virtual currency websites.

Segmentation in order to improve performance

The system was designed to be able to process worldwide transactions of tens of thousands of users per second quickly and seamlessly. That is why the system is divided into several parts, which communicate quickly with each other and which are able to duplicate themselves in order to increase their throughput. Each component of the system can work in parallel (even the kernel can) in an unlimited number of copies in order to increase the throughput and the security of the platform. During the last testing, we achieved the throughput of 100 000 complete transactions per second. It allows us to stop any server or to add any server at any time.

Coingi will run on servers on different continents simultaneously!

We solved the exchange of data among distant locations, so Coingi will run on several data centers on different continents simultaneously! The system will connect you automatically to the nearest location in order to achieve high speed. The unauthorised disconnections of any location will not threaten the system, the swich between servers will be made immediately. Therefore the system cannot be switched off – the speed and the instant availability is guaranteed worldwide.

Thanks to this extreme performance, COINGI is able to process a huge amount of users‘ commands at the same time, without any problems with completing the transactions. So you can always get real time information about trading and react immediately to supply and demand.

One step further thanks to API

We achieved all above-described advantages thanks to API, that helps the web interface to control the service. Everything is programmed so the website stays stably loaded in browser after the first user’s page view, the website communicates with the service only through API, so we achieve the high speed and minimal server load.

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